My Teratorn Ultralight Aircraft, from Boxes to First Flight.
In 1984 my friend and I each bought a Teratorn ultralight. After a year or so of research on Ultralight Aircraft kits, we decided on this brand based on the engineering design of the aircraft.


YouTube Videos of Tierra Ultralight Aircrafts


Tierra UL Specifications
Engine: Rotax 277 (268 cc) 28 hp
Static thrust: 180 lbs
Empty wt: 249 lbs
Wing span: 30’6”
Wing area: 155 sq.ft
Height: 5’8”
Length: 18’6”
Fuel cap; 5 USG
Construction: Aluminium, Dacron, Steel
Max wt: 500 lb
Stall: 24 mph
Max speed: 60 mph
Vne: 70 mph
Climb rate: 500-600 fpm
Design limit: +6, -3g
Glide ratio: 10-1
Wing loading: 3.23 lbs/sq.ft
Power loading: 17.86 lbs/hp