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Summary: Over 30 years experience in troubleshooting and maintaining computer controlled automated equipment. 2-Way Radio, Remote Base Station, Cellular Communications Base Stations, Switch, Performance measuring , Interference issues and maintenance of Cellular Communications Systems. Strong Mechanical, Electrical, Management and Training skills.

3-2019 ~ Present - Field Engineer  TLWallace  Radio Interference and PIM Mitigation.

3-2014 ~ 2018 - Sr. Specialist RAN Engineer+ / RFME
Radio Interference Hunting.

o        Research interference relating to high RSSI values.
o        Use software tools to assist in tracking interference causes.
o        Use drive test equipment and spectrum anaylizers to track both wide and narrow band signals.
o        Attend all training programs provided by AT&T for interference signal hunting.
o        Assist in training and communication with other team members on causes related to interference.
o        Proficient in using test equipment such as R&S PR100, FSH8 and DDF.

6-2001 ~ 3-2014 .   Sr. RAN Engineer+
o        Perform Drive Test to verify handoffs and coverage of Cell Sectors.
o        Perform inspections of new cell sites for construction and design quality.
o        Worked with Construction and Tower Crews during building of Cell Sites.
o        Monitor stats to assist in trouble shooting cell activity and performance.
o        Assist with special projects, such as Bonnaroo and LP Field, COW and Cart setup and installation.
o        Maintain training on TDMA, GSM, UMTS (HSDPA, HSUPA+) and LTE technologies.
o        Proficient in using test equipment such as: X-Tell, TEMS, Spectrum Analyzers and PIM test gear.

 7-1999 ~ 6-2001 .  Switch Engineer Tritel Communications, Inc.

o        Trouble shoot and repair of Ericsson Switch and Remote Base Station equipment.

o        Install Software and Hardware upgrades. Complete weekly and monthly backup of systems software.

o        Diagnose T-1 and T-3 circuits. Make cross connect of DS0-DS1-DS3 circuits in the DACS. Monitor and test using T-Byrd and Sunset equipment.

o        Work closely with Bell South and other phone companies in ordering and restoring service to our Cell Sites.

o        Monitor and assist with Voice Mail, STP and HLR problems and alarms.

o        Write RBS DT and Script software to aid in time saving repair, troubleshooting and help eliminate over all system downtime.

o        Maintain spread sheets for tracking circuits and repair work.

o        Assist RF Engineers with Handoffs and system re-tuning.

o        Designed and built Cell Tech equipment to operate field computers, T-1 and Multiplexer testing with minimum effort.


Part owner of one of the state.s first Internet and Bulletin Board Services

1982 . Present Heart Of Tennessee Network Internet / Bulletin Board Service

o        Designed hardware connections, telecommunications and programs for internetworking services

o        Created customer support programs for internet program installations and connections

o        Designed web pages and on-line information assistance

o        Maintained internet equipment to include name, radius, mail, ftp, virtual web servers and routers

o        Integrated Linux, DOS, OS/2, Windows 2000 Pro, workstation and server. Windows NT, Windows 98 and Windows 3.11 for workgroup,     operating systems with Lantastic and Windows TCP/IP Networking programs.

o        Created customer support programs for Internet program installations and assist customer in setup and modem connections.

o        Install and maintain Satellite Dish and Modem for data connections.


Maintenance Area Manager

1991 - 1999 Nissan Motor Manufacturing Smyrna, TN

o        Managed a maintenance troubleshooting crew of 10-20

o        Managed weekend preventive maintenance and vital process crew of 10

o        Conducted shift start meetings and turnover discussions

o        Handled employee disputes and performed performance appraisals

o        Reduced downtime with frame spreader by eliminating opposing cylinders

o        Changed design of a two handed operation leak tester clamp to a one handed pull bar that reduced ergonomic stress and increased cycle time

Training Specialist

1984 - 1991 Nissan Motor Manufacturing Smyrna, TN

o        Developed technical training classes and designed training aids

o        Taught classes on Hitachi controllers to over 300 maintenance employees

o        Taught classes on Nissan hydraulic and servo controlled robotics

o        Taught classes on Fanuc RC & RG controlled robotics to maintenance employees and engineers

o        Taught robotic overview and safety classes to over 200 production technicians and supervisors

o        Developed and taught classes on personal computers in the work place

o        Developed and trained maintenance employees and engineers in the new absolute body assembly system in preparation of the Altima plant expansion

o        Developed and taught Programmable Line Controllers for the Maintenance Apprentice classes


Maintenance Leader

1982 - 1984 Nissan Motor Manufacturing Smyrna, TN

o        Installed raw body assembly equipment

o        Programmed robotics and line controllers

o        Provided leadership to maintenance crew of 6 during daily troubleshooting and repair of production equipment

o        Conducted safety meetings

o        Assisted in production equipment training and debugging

Maintenance Supervisor

1977 - 1982 Allied Maintenance (Firestone) LaVergne, TN

o        Supervised maintenance troubleshooting crew of 9

o        Maintenance planner and PM supervisor


Education: Devry Radio Electronics, FCC: General Radio-Telephone License # PG-6-22789

o        Attended classes on AT&T RF Engineering LTE Bronze Certification.

o        Attended classes on AT&T RF Engineering LTE Silver Certification.

o        Attended classes on AT&T RF Engineering UMTS Bronze Certification.

o        Attended classes on AT&T RF Engineering UMTS Silver Certification.

o        Attended classes on HSDPA & HSUPA Protocols and Signaling.

o        Attended classes on UMTS (WCDMA) RF Optimization.

o        Attended classes on Mastering UMTS (W-CDMA) Radio Networks.

o        Attended classes Ericsson RAN P6 Functionality.

o        Attended classes on Powerwave MCPA Theory and Product Training.

o        Attended classes on Planet EV for GSM (Design tool).

o        Attended classes on ATOLL 2006-2007 v2.5 (Design tool).

o        Attended classes on Siemens PLMW Performance and Measurement.

o        Attended classes on Ericsson CMS 8800 MSC Operation and Maintenance. LV 108 4652

o        Attended classes on Ericsson CMS 8800 RBS 884 1900 Data Translations. LZU 108 4635

o        Attended classes on Ericsson Switch software for  TDMA/136 MSC Technical Version 6.0.

o        Attended classes on Tandem Compaq HLR S-Series Fundamentals.

o        Attended classes on the following: Electrical / Electronics, Resistance Welding and Oscilloscope

o        Attended Classes on the following Programmable Controllers: Allen Bradley Mini PLC-2, Allen Bradley PLC 5, Omron C-120, GE Fanuc 9070,     GE Fanuc 9030, Modicon 484, Modicon Micro-84, Hitachi NESP, Hitachi S10, Hitachi S20 and Hitachi S25

o        Attended classes on the following electronic drives: Fuji AC Drives, Allen Bradley 1334 AC Drives, Reliance DDS Drives and GE Digital Drives

o        Attended classes on the following robotics: Cincinnati-Milicron Robotics, Kawasaki Unamate Robotics, NISSAN Robotics,

          Fanuc RC Controlled Robotics, Fanuc RG Controlled Robotics, Fanuc RJ-Spot Tool Programming and Maintenance, Fanuc RJ Arc Tool     Programming and Maintenance and Fanuc RJ Electrical Maintenance,

o        Attended classes on the following maintenance items: Snorkel lift, Forklift, Servo Valves, Welding, Machine Shop, Activation Hydraulics,     Tool & Machine Maintenance, Robot Maintenance,

o        Attended classes on the following training tools: Japanese Language, Train-the-Trainer, Effective Presentations

o        Attended managerial classes on the following: Listening Skills, Critical Leadership Skills, Interpersonal Skills Workshop, EEO / Sexual Harassment,     Employee Relations, Critical Policies, Ergonomics, Try-Z Experience, Interviewing Skills, Corrective Action, Positive Employee Management,     Substance Abuse, Safety for Managers, Fire Safety, Confined Space Entry, Violence in the Workplace, Favoritism Prevention, Hazardous     Communications, ISO 9000


Activities/Interests:        Bowling, golf, canoeing, fishing, computers, amateur radio and motorcycles.


References:                       Available upon request

Salary:                              Available upon request


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