I now have found the best way to use the TABLO DVR. 
I Highly recommend the TABLO DVR but it did have some problems early on. Maybe it was me. 
I was having problems with pixalation, paused video and sometimes it would stop recording.
This was due to the Antenna, yep the old Walmart antenna and many like them is a piece of junk. 
I would get over 30 channels and then lose them or some of them. Seems the antenna amplifier would crap out.
The antenna has a lot of plastic and over time it becomes brittle and starts falling apart.
I finally sprung for the the best hi gain Winegard HD8200U Platinum VHF/UHF HDTV Antenna
Huge, but I got it in my attic anyway and pointing in the right direction.
I then found what tested to be the best amplifier RCA TVPRAMP1Z Preamplifier for Outdoor Antenna
Now we have a stable 38 channels from Murfreesboro, TN, for the last 4 months.
TABLO has always dropped the WIFI connection or did a lot of Buffering.  The TABLO DVR was connected over the WIFI.
Since this was a WIFI problem, buffering and dropped connections, I purchased a High End Router.  It seemed to make a difference but still buffering. My wife told me it seemed to happen more often after I went to bed. Humm, RF Interference, maybe. LTE (Cell Phones and towers) will interfere with WIFI Frequencies.  I also found LED lamps will interfere with the WIFI signal. She turned the lights on after my early bedtime.
Well I connected the TABLO DVR to my network with an Ethernet cable and that gave me an even better response to buffering.
I still had it with all the conditions above, then I noticed my Computer connections were much faster than the WIFI for TABLO.  
I purchased a ROKU Ultra (Price Dropped). It has many features and with an Ethernet connection to the network the Buffering because of the WIFI connection has been cured.,
I should point out that the settings in the TABLO allowed me to set the size of files for recording and live broadcast. No matter how low I set them I had the same problem.
The ethernet connection allowed me to set the file size to maximum without buffering. 4K streaming video requires an ethernet connection anyways. I still use WIFI for my firestick equipped TVs throughout the house but my main TV is now flawless (Maybe).

Setup now: TV Antenna, Preamp, 4 channel Tablo DVR, ROKU Ultra all ethernet connected. Philo, Netflix and Prime streaming services.

Recordings: I have a couple of 8TB 3.0 USB Hard Drives. One for the house and a copy for the Motorhome. I have over 600 DVDs, Blu Rays and home videos as well as favorite TV shows recorded from TABLO, Netflix, VUDU, Prime etc.,  stored together in one place.

I still like streaming YOUTUBE TV for local and added channels over the internet but they raised the price again to $65 a month plus your internet fees. Gee almost cable prices.