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I now have found the best way to use the TABLO DVR. 
I Highly recommend the TABLO DVR but it did have some problems early on. Maybe it was me. 
I was having problems with pixalation, paused video and sometimes it would stop recording.
This was due to the Antenna, yep the old Walmart antenna and many like them is a piece of junk. 
I would get over 30 channels and then lose them or some of them. Seems the antenna amplifier would crap out.
The antenna has a lot of plastic and over time it becomes brittle and starts falling apart.
I finally sprung for the the best hi gain Winegard HD8200U Platinum VHF/UHF HDTV Antenna
Huge, but I got it in my attic anyway and pointing in the right direction.
I then found what tested to be the best amplifier RCA TVPRAMP1Z Preamplifier for Outdoor Antenna
Now we have a stable 38 channels from Murfreesboro, TN, for the last 4 months.
TABLO has always dropped the WIFI connection or did a lot of Buffering.  The TABLO DVR was connected over the WIFI.
Since this was a WIFI problem, buffering and dropped connections, I purchased a High End Router.  It seemed to make a difference but still buffering. My wife told me it seemed to happen more often after I went to bed. Humm, RF Interference, maybe. LTE (Cell Phones and towers) will interfere with WIFI Frequencies.  I also found LED lamps will interfere with the WIFI signal. She turned the lights on after my early bedtime.
Well I connected the TABLO DVR to my network with an Ethernet cable and that gave me an even better response to buffering.
I still had it with all the conditions above, then I noticed my Computer connections were much faster than the WIFI for TABLO.  
I purchased a ROKU Ultra (Price Dropped). It has many features and with an Ethernet connection to the network the Buffering because of the WIFI connection has been cured.,
I should point out that the settings in the TABLO allowed me to set the size of files for recording and live broadcast. No matter how low I set them I had the same problem.
The ethernet connection allowed me to set the file size to maximum without buffering. 4K streaming video requires an ethernet connection anyways. I still use WIFI for my firestick equipped TVs throughout the house but my main TV is now flawless (Maybe).

Setup now: TV Antenna, Preamp, 4 channel Tablo DVR, ROKU Ultra all ethernet connected. Philo, Netflix and Prime streaming services.

Recordings: I have a couple of 8TB 3.0 USB Hard Drives. One for the house and a copy for the Motorhome. I have over 600 DVDs, Blu Rays and home videos as well as favorite TV shows recorded from TABLO, Netflix, VUDU, Prime etc.,  stored together in one place.

I still like streaming YOUTUBE TV for local and added channels over the internet but they raised the price again to $65 a month plus your internet fees. Gee almost cable prices.

How to select the best antenna for your free TV experience.

Over the Air TV for FREE!

Now that I am retired, I am in the process of cutting cost for my TV viewing. "CUT-THE-CORD"

I currently have U-Verse but over $130 a month, at half price, I can save a bundle.

1.) I have a Walmart HD TV antenna with a powered pre-amp and remote rotatable, mounted in my attic. I get over 30 Channels. ($35)
2.) I have a TABLO DVR so I can record up to 4 channels at a time and play on 6 devices at once. ($200)
3.) I have a Fire Stick for all the TV's that do not have the TABLO app on them, so I can access the DVR. ($25 ea.)
4.) 2 TB Hard Drive. ($60)
5.) I have Netflix and Amazon Prime, maybe hulu.
6.) So many movie rentals like Fandango, YouTube etc. $$$$
My total monthly cost should be less than $40 if I do not count the Internet, which is a must have for me anyway.

If I drop Netflix, Amazon etc. I still have a $5 per month charge for the Guide but otherwise it would be FREE after the main purchases.

Anyone got any better ideas?
Please Share with me.






Cut the Cord TV Update:
Now that I have bought to much equipment and completed my testing I am suggesting the best route to FREE TV.

If you have a smart TV that supports apps and it as the TABLO-TV APP. You can cut the cord for as little as $150 for you initial investment.
I would suggest the:
1) Onn 4K HD Motorized Outdoor TV Antenna With 150-Mile Range at Walmart now about $28.99.
2) A Tablo DVR from Best Buy at $99.00.
You will need a Hard Drive for Recording, USB 3.0 up to 2 TB is recommended. 1 TB is about $40.00.
This DVR will record 2 Channels at the same time. The 4 Channel is $199 and supports 6 devices at the same time.
I get 34 Channels and I am about 30 Miles from the local TV Towers. The Guide for the DVR cost $5 per month and the first month is FREE.
The Antenna has a rotator built in and allows you to choose the best signals.

So far these are the best prices and configurations I have found at this time. The payback over Satellite, cable or U-Verse is in 2 months and then it is FREE.
Well that has been my experience the last couple of weeks. Making my retirement pay!












For those that were following my "Cut The Cord" for TV post,
I have completed all my testing and spoke to others that have done the same.
I am using TABLO as a DVR and recording up to 4 HD channels at the same time. I am supplying 5 TVs with videos and recordings. I have also been watching recordings and live TV on my tablet, I-Pad and cell phones as well as my PCs.
Here is a Snap Shot of the Election reporting on 3 Monitors and one PC. Watching Channel 2, 4 and 5 at the same time.
Cost is the same, $5 per month for the Guide and it works with all TV's on my WiFi Network. Also watch recordings away from home with Tablet, I-=Pad and Cell Phones







I thought this was a great idea, however after several months of using the 4 quad Tablo, I have had nothing but problems with it.
1.) Constant Buffering, I have spent sever hundred dollars on WiFi upgrades to my network, no help.
2.) Channels not recording, Channel scan shows great signals and other times not so good and recording fails. I have come to greps with this as a VHF antenna problem.
3.) Now constant Failure to play and drop outs.
Maybe Cut the Cord with Tablo no such a good idea.

Tablo has a great product and with the commercial skip feature it keeps getting better. However with all the failures to connect and stay connected. I may have to go back to cable. No help from support.




When using TABLO as a TV receiver and DVR, there is now a program that will let you RIP all your recorded shows from your TABLO to a Digital file for storage or playback.

Great way to backup your DVR Movies.






There are several types of Digital Video Recorders on the market.
My DVR of choice is Tablo 4 channel receiver.
It uses WiFi to connect to my 5 TVs. I can play and, or record 4 channels at a time. I have a UHF antenna and a separate VHF antenna for channels 4 and 8. If I try to use one antenna I have a pixelation problem due to week signals.
My Tablo is an older model so I have an external 1 terabyte drive for recording my shows. Tablo also has a free program to RIP the recorded videos to digital files you can store elsewhere or burn to DVDs. Tablo also strips commercials from the recordings.